So, I've spent 15 Augusts in Edinburgh for the Festival. Why? Who can tell. It was written. Whatevs. I still go up there every year to perform.

in 2014 I won the Spirit of the Fringe Award and my show was reviewed in the Scotsman with **** by Kate Copstick the review said - among other things:

"A marvellous, personal, beautifully constructed and laughter packed hour ... I genuinely did not want this hour to end"

Who am I to disagree. She obviously has impeccable taste. The rest of the review is here

In 2013 I won the Malcolm Hardee Award for creating a sheet of fake reviews. Some of which were put up on this website: I also did a show on Arthurs Seat on every day of the festival. Because:





And who needs cartilage in their knees, anyway?

In 2012 I performed on top of Arthurs Seat every day of the festival for the first time, and did my own show at The Hive.

Before that I mostly did Sketch shows, writing/ directing/ producing shows in 2008, 2007, 2004, 2001, 2000.

My first show at Edinburgh was 1999. It was called the Leisure Virus and was reviewed very well, thank you very much. Here is a review from  the Guardian: